• Attend Board Meetings
    • Provide draft annual budget
    • Prepare and provide Board meeting financials
    • Prepare monthly financials
    • Arrange inspection and follow-ups
    • Coordinate Architectural submissions with the committee
    • Coordinate proposals and/or meet with contractors
    • Review vendor contracts
    • Review invoices/statements for payment processing
    • Assist Board and Committees with website services
    • Send annual meeting notices and reminders
    • Coordinate and/or order Newsletter publishing, signs, supplies
    • Coordinate amenity reservations
    • Coordinate legal processes
    • And much more
  • Accounting Service
  • Our Inclusive Accounting Services
    • Prepare and mail all billing statements/coupon books to homeowners
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Manage accounts payable
    • Collect and deposit payments
    • Perform collection actions
    • Reconcile accounts
    • Coordinate tax return preparation with Association CPA
    • Ensure Corporation Filing and Statement of Information is filed with the Secretary of State on an annual basis
    • Update vendor files annually: Reconcile, generate, and mail annual 1099’s to required vendors.
  • Community Maintenance Services
  • To Keep Your Vested Community Well Maintained
  • Coordinate inspections of common amenity
  • Solicit contractor proposal
  • Submit preventative maintenance recommendations

Violation Inspections

We understand that curb appeal leads to increased property values. So, when it comes to enforcing your covenants, codes, and restrictions, we have you covered. Our management team will routinely inspect your community for violations and notify homeowners in a respectful way by email and mail. Owners may track their violation and even let us know when they are corrected. 

Each violation is documented with photographs and tracked by our leading violation software. We will update the status of infractions in real-time and send a letter and email with pictures to homeowners so they can quickly address the issue.